Fees are paid as follows:

 September - November 

December - February 

March - May 

Costume Deposit 

Parents/Guardians wishing their child/children to take part in Dance Bahamas School annual Christmas concert must pay a non-refundable costume deposit of $125. at the time of registration. No deposits will be accepted after September 30th. 


Annual Registration:...........$70.00
1 Lesson per week for 3 months
2 Lessons per week for 3 months
  3-4 Lessons per week for 3 months


                                                                            There will be no refund of fees after the first week of classes.                                                                                 Return cheques are subject to $30.00 processing fee. 

                                                                      Students with outstanding fees will not be allowed to take class(es).                                                                   Fees past the due date is subject to $30 late fee charge. 



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