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White Structure


White Structure



  1. Team members must attend all scheduled classes and rehearsals.

  2. Team members who are 20 minutes late for classes/rehearsals will be required to sit and watch the class.

  3. Team members will be required to attend classes/rehearsals 5 days per week. Persons who are unable to attend the scheduled classes/rehearsal will not be considered for the team.

  4. Team members must be properly attired for all classes and rehearsals.

  5. Team members who miss 3 classes within a month without a valid excuse, will be dismissed from the team.

  6. Team members who are sick must present a doctor’s note.

  7. Team members who are injured will be required to attend classes. They will be required to sit and watch classes and rehearsals. Team members choosing not to attend classes without a valid excuse will be dismissed. 

  8. Team members with outstanding fees will not be allowed to take classes or take part in team performances.

  9. Team members who have had a repeated history of disciplinary action brought against them during the year will not be allowed to travel with the team or take part in any team performances. 

  10. Team members are to be picked up on time from all classes and rehearsals.

  11. Team members who are rude and disrespectful to teachers or fellow teammates will be dismissed from the team.

  12. Team members found stealing will be dismissed.  

  13. Team members will be responsible for their education, they are required to maintain a GPA of 2.50 or above. Members failing to maintain their GPA will be placed on probation until their GPA can be brought up to standard.

  14. NO student is guaranteed a spot on the Competition team.

  15. Parents are forbidden to approach any teacher that Dance Bahamas School and its director would have assigned to instruct team members. All grievances must be brought to the attention of the director of Dance Bahamas School.

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